About Company

Zevo Health is your partner in advancing workplace wellbeing worldwide. With a steadfast commitment to supporting professionals across diverse industries across the globe, we have developed a multifaceted approach empowers individuals and organizations to thrive. 1. Professional Services and Coaching: Our comprehensive suite of professional services and coaching, available onsite and online, spans mental health, nutrition, physical health, sleep & recovery, social connection and financial wellness. 2. Wellbeing 360: At the heart of Zevo Health's commitment to innovation lies Wellbeing 360, our award-winning technology. This versatile platform engages and connects employees globally, offering three key components: - Zevo Therapy: Enhance your Employee Assistance Program (EAP) with our digital counseling solution. Zevo Therapy, hosted on our platform, connects employees to an international team of counselors swiftly. - Zevo Challenges: Foster engagement and motivation through our app-based employee wellbeing challenges. Boost morale through personal, company-wide, and intercompany challenges. - Zevo Academy: Elevate employee wellbeing through Zevo Academy's expert-led masterclasses, covering topics like CBT for anxiety and weight loss programs. Access a vast library of meditations and nutritious recipes too 3. Wellbeing Support for Content Moderators: In the digital age, content moderators play a crucial role in online content safety. Zevo Health provides tailored mental health solutions for these professionals. We support over 25,000 individuals in 40+ languages across 8 global regions, serving content moderation teams in leading information technology and internet industry organizations worldwide.