Isetta Psychotherapy, Inc.

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About Company

Isetta Psychotherapy, Inc. is a discreet Hermosa Beach-based private practice specializing in the comprehensive treatment of children, adolescents, couples, families, and adults. Committed to fostering a sense of security and support, our practice strives to ensure that clients receive the assistance they require.

Isetta Psychotherapy, Inc. uses a holistic approach, addressing both the mind and body, proves instrumental in resolving underlying issues. Factors such as diet, somatic experiences, lifestyle, and coping mechanisms can significantly influence overall mental well-being. In cases of anxiety or depression, exploring these aspects and incorporating additional self-care measures often proves beneficial in overcoming these challenges.

To enhance our services, Dr. Isetta has skilled Marriage and Family Associates to her practice which allows for more care and sliding scale fee if needed. Aligned with Dr. Isetta's therapeutic philosophy, each staff member shares a dedication to providing effective care.