Licensed Clinical Therapist

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Job Description

Greetings from Guiding Strength Therapy. Thank you for considering joining our team.

Lisa P. Illingworth founded Guiding Strength Therapy (GST) on the principle that “If you take care of your therapists, they will take care of the Clients.” Quality Care is our Priority!

Guiding Strength Therapy provides Strength-Based psychotherapy to Individuals, Families, and Couples seeking relief. Our Mission is to EMPOWER our clients to take back control of their lives.

We provide flexible hours and scheduling to accommodate our therapists and to provide a WORK-LIFE balance. All sessions at this time are being conducted via Telehealth, and our plan is to remain telehealth as long as possible.

We also believe in providing support and guidance to our team. We provide regular check-ins and trainings to our staff. The goal of the Practice is foster CLOSE-KNIT ties where the founder can ensure oversight and develop relationships with the staff while also ensuring the goal of flexibility and independence.


We make it easy for you to provide Therapy

·       We take care of Insurance Contracting

·       We manage your Referrals

·       We handle Intake Forms

·       And we take care of all the Billing

·       Basically, we handle all the backend work, so you can do what you do best – Therapy!


Freedom and Community; Flexibility and Structure

·       You are free to set a schedule that works best for you

·       You will receive regular clinical supervision

·       You will hone your skills with on-going training

·       You will have the opportunity to take part in group events and gatherings

Compensation Rate

Sessions are 60 minutes (53 minutes for therapy, 7 minutes for documentation)

LMFT, LCSW, (PsyD rates may be higher)

$70 per Intake

$60 per session

Therapist will be compensated at regular rate for attending all required meetings including training and supervision.

Full-time Employee Benefits

48 Hours of Sick Pay

2 weeks Paid Vacation

50% Healthcare Coverage for the First Year

80% Healthcare Coverage after the first year

Part-time Potential Income (based on 52-week year, 10-19 clients)

$31,920 - $60,000

Full-time Potential Income (based on 52-week year, 30-40 clients, including benefits estimates)

$97,680 - $128,880


Employment Classifications

Regular Full-Time Employee

An employee who is scheduled to work no less than 30 hours in a given workweek. The employee may be exempt or non-exempt and is generally eligible for all employment benefits offered by the Company.

Regular Part-Time Employee

An employee who is scheduled to work less than 30 hours in a workweek is classified as Part-Time. Minimum commitment of 10 hours in work a week.


Keep a few things in mind when choosing a Private Practice to join.

1.     Are they actually a Private Practice?

a.     Many companies are offering the “opportunity to be your own boss.” In actuality, they expect you to do all the work, and give them a percentage of your income. But for what? A picture on their website?


Guiding Strength Therapy is an actual Private Practice. We manage all the time-consuming paperwork so you can focus on Therapy. You are part of a team that wants you to succeed. Your success is the client’s success!


2.     What Benefits do they offer?

a.     Many companies expect their Therapists to be “self-starters.” What they mean is, once hired, you will never hear from them again.


Aside from Health Insurance and a Flexible Schedule, we offer Clinical Supervision, Continued Training, and Community. You are free to create a schedule that works for you, with the comfort of knowing there is a strong team behind you.


3.     Do they have a good reputation?

a.     Read their reviews, ask current and former employees, check out their reputation in the community.


Our practice was awarded Best Mental Health Clinic in Burbank for 2022 and 2023. We were recognized for our great quality services and positive reviews. In addition the CEO, Lisa has a strong reputation in the Community Mental Health field. She has been an advocate, a mentor, and a leader throughout her career. Her experience and knowledge are at your disposal.




Key Responsibilities

The essential functions include, but are not limited to the following:

·       Conduct assessments, treatment planning, safety plans, and progress note documentation after every session.

·       Implementation of psychotherapy services that are clinically appropriate and tailored to the client(s) condition, needs and individuality.

·       Participate in monthly check-ins with CEO (can be available for more if needed)

·       Attend agency trainings

Skills & Experience

What We Look For In Our Providers

·       Master’s Degree in Social Work, or Marriage and Family Therapy (or) Doctorate in Psychology

·       Licensed and in good standing with the California Board of Behavioral Sciences

·       Minimum 1 year of prior experience in providing psychotherapy.

·       Applicant must have a strong counseling background, the ability to create and implement functional treatment plans and the ability to build relationships

·       Excellent oral and written communication skills

·       Ability to prioritize and manage time effectively; ability to think critically

·       Ability to be empathetic with patients; ability to maintain confidentiality