Associate MFT in Oakland working with Children

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Job expired!

Job Description

SF Bay Play Therapy Family Counseling Center is hiring one associate MFT who is interested in joining our team of dedicated play therapists and building up a full caseload of child and family clients out of our lovely Grand Lake location. This is not a “get your kid hours and get out” position! It’s more of a “OMG I found other play therapists who get the struggle and passion to work with kids and can support me!!” position.


Work Schedule: Saturday and/or Sunday and Monday for in-person clients. Group supervision Thursday. Individual supervision likely Tuesday (TBD). Telehealth clients 2 days of your choosing.


Office location (for seeing clients and supervision): 3655 Grand Ave, Oakland, CA 94610



$60 per clinical hour to start (20 hrs/wk) 

**It can take anywhere from 3-6 months to build up to 20 clinical hours weekly**


$20 per admin/supervision/training hour (8 hrs/wk)


Job Type: Full Time

  • Small group of dedicated play therapists. We strive to create a family feel!
  • Large fully stocked play therapy office in Oakland 
  • Flexible telehealth hours in addition to your dedicated in-person hours
  • Connect to a team of other play therapists as well as our extended network to collaborate and share the joys and challenges of doing play therapy with kids! 
  • Targeted tools for including parents in therapy! 
  • Deep training in Hand in Hand Parenting through an annual 8-week intensive taught by Karen Wolfe, LMFT as well as integrated into supervision
  • Annual training in Treating Internalized Oppression by Heidi Stauber, LMFT
  • Quarterly trainings in topics of interest to the team
  • Weekly group and individual supervision and training hour
  • Semi-annual team outings and lunch birthday gatherings
  • Access to extensive training library

If you are interested fill out the screening questions and email them along with your cover letter and resume to with the title "Associateship for SF Bay Play Therapy Family Counseling Center”


Screening Questions

1. Why do you want to join a group private practice focusing on doing play therapy with children ages 5-10 at this time?


2. What is your experience with using child-centered play therapy with children ages 5-10?


3. What is your experience with therapist-directed therapies (both expressive arts and CBT) with children ages 5-12?


4. Are you interested in being part of a community of close-knit play therapists and training in Sand Tray, Hand in Hand Parenting, and Child-Centered Play Therapy?


5. Does the schedule work for you? Saturday and/or Sunday and Monday for in-person clients. Group supervision Thursday. Individual supervision likely Tuesday (TBD). Telehealth clients 2 days of your choosing.


Office location:

For seeing clients and supervision: 3655 Grand Ave, Oakland, CA 94610

Supervision may be at times: Greenwood Ct, Orinda, CA 94563


6. . Are you able to come to Oakland or Orinda for group supervision/training/business meeting on Thursdays 11am-2pm  as well as an additional hour of individual/triadic supervision scheduled with your supervisor on a Monday-Friday? 


7. Are you able to build up to 20 clients per week (onboarding 2 per week until your caseload is full. Referrals will come through the practice. No need to market yourself unless you desire to)?


8. Are you available during the week to get back to potential new clients for 15-minute intro calls within 24 hours of them reaching out?


9. What do you think clinically and how do you feel about rough house play with children in therapy (e.g. pillow fights, a child using a foam sword to pretend to cut off your limbs, nerf gun fights, figurine wars in which the child has you always lose by blowing up your house, killing your guy, etc)?


10. Are you interested in seeing couples? Are you interested in learning Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy? What training/experience with couples do you have?

Key Responsibilities

  • Contact new client inquiries within 24 hours of receipt. Schedule an intro call with them within one week of contact.
  • Promptly create and keep all billing and client documentation up to date, accurate and complete in a manner that meets the industry regulations including progress notes, consent forms, good faith estimates, etc.
  • Provide therapeutic treatment services and/or interventions such as, but not limited to; skills-training, psychoeducation, psychotherapy (individual, family, and/or group), crisis services, linkages, and referrals.
  • Attend  weekly group supervision/Training and Business Meeting Thursdays 11am-2pm. Every other week is virtual, and the other weeks are in Oakland or Orinda.
  • Must weekly individual or triadic supervision (triadic begins after 6+ months)
  • Abide by all laws, rules,regulations,and code of ethics as set forth by the BBS, CAMFT, and other associated regulating bodies.
  • Track hours using payroll system and submit payroll information by the 2nd of every month


Skills & Experience

  • Must have a minimum of one school year's experience doing play therapy with children ages 5-10
  • Must have a passion for working with children and families (it is unlikely you will see adult individuals in this practice so you must love play therapy with kids!)
  • Must have interest and stamina to have 20 clinical hours with children/families per week
  • Must maintain a minimum of 5 clients per office day and 5 Telehealth sessions per week 
  • Must be able to attend group supervision/training on Thursdays in 11am-2pm (every other week in Oakland or Orinda, the other weeks via zoom)
  • Must be able to attend individual supervision scheduled with supervisor on a Monday-Friday as required by the BBS, either in-person in Oakland
  • Must have an active AMFT number in good standing to apply
  • Must be able to onboard a minimum of 2 clients per week until caseload is full
  • We ask for an intention to stay with our group for a minimum of 1 year (we ideally like to work with clinicians 2+ years). We offer licensed positions for those who would like to stay on
  • Master's Degree in Psychology, Social Work, or Marriage and Family Counseling (required)
  • A minimum of one year experience working with school-age children and families providing individual and family play therapy
  • Prefer if you have experience working with children with learning differences such as sensory processing disorder, ADHD, and high functioning Autism, or at least a desire to learn
  • Strong ability to personally relate one-on-one with each client and build solid relationships
  • Strong interest in working with supervisors to vulnerably self-reflect and grow as a person and therapist
  • You have a passion for supporting and working with children 
  • Willing to work after school hours, evenings, and on at least one weekend day
  • Ability to commit to working with a family on a continuous basis for 3 to 6 months at a minimum (we do long term person-centered therapy).
  • Ability to manage client-induced anxiety and set boundaries with intrusive clients in a loving and healthy manner
  • Ability to tolerate the stress of being a new therapist and ask for help during designated supervision times