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Job Description

We are seeking certified part-time group facilitators (AMFT, ACSW, APCC, LPCC LMFT, LCSW) who can design groups/sessions focused on addiction recovery and mental health wellness.

Job Duties

A group facilitator is responsible for helping participants reach decisions and accomplish goals. Your duties include working with groups to clarify objectives and to establish ground rules that govern behavior. Facilitator duties also involve selecting appropriate methods and tools that will enable participants to achieve results. When problems or issues come up, facilitators work with the group to resolve conflict and return to goals. Other duties as a group facilitator include creating environments that allow civil dialogue and input from all participants and above all -- remaining neutral throughout the process.

Key Responsibilities

Candidates must be able to travel to treatment centers. * After each group the facilitator is required to enter notes for each client based on their involvement in the group. Our company prides itself on exemplary documentation and facilitators will be expected to deliver thorough notes within 24-hours of their group ending. Each group lasts 1-hour or 90 minutes and pays $60 - $150 group (depending on number of participants), which includes documentation afterwards. The role is part-time and we will be able to provide 2-12 groups a week, depending on the candidate and demand.